Autism and Burnout

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Inside The Rainbow

Burnout is a chronic state of stress which leads to physical and emotional exhaustion. It might manifest as anxiety or depression or both.

The Signs Of Physical and Emotional Exhaustion

  • Fatigue: You lack energy and feel more tired than usual.
  • Insomnia: Starts with the occasional bad night and progresses to the inability to sleep or stay asleep every night.
  • Concentration: Lack of sleep affects concentration and the ability to complete tasks.
  • Physical Symptoms: Palpitations, chest pain, chills, stomach aches, headaches and hundreds of other physical symptoms that make you worry that you are gravely ill which in turn forces you even further down the wormhole.
  • Illness: Your body becomes more susceptible to immune related illness.
  • Appetite: You may lose your appetite or go the other way and over-eat, especially sugary or high-carb foods.

Alongside the physical signs, there are emotional signs.

  • Loss of enjoyment about things you love.
  • Negativity: You…

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I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe?

Calling aging aspies and auties…

The Tee Shirt Blogger

Autistic Challenge 1The Aspergers Collection

I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe?

In June 2015, l had a small series of email exchanges with Tony Attwood concerning a couple of pointers but principally one which was to do with the term Aspergers’ Syndrome and my freshly written autobiography Dancing in the Grey – Life with Aspergers. The question was in light of the recent move to place Aspergers and autism together under the one umbrella and would this mean that Aspergers as an independent term would be lost in the next decade or so?

The second point was the discussion concerning my idea behind Classic Eggshell Moments and the introduction of Tee shirts that did not specifically concentrate upon ‘puzzle pieces and ribbons’ heavily on the market at the time, but not really my cup of tea in favour of more of an intellectually driven concept that didn’t alienate the…

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A History of Shawls

For my fibre and textile enthused followers 🙂

julz crafts

This is a really interesting piece I found recently, by Jen of Roving Crafters written in 2016 – I’m not sure if she is still blogging as it seems she was having problems with her eyes in the last post I can find on her site – but there are plenty of free tutorials and other interesting pieces on, and if you want to read the original of this unashamed copy click HERE

Venetian widow, Cesare Vecellio, 1585-90

Technically the shawl as a garment and as a word comes from 14th century Persia. They were woven rectangles worn over the shoulders and made from kashmiri goat. That’s significant I think because Kashmir was a major trade center. Knowledge and supplies and all sorts of other goodies coming out of India had to go through Kashmir to get to the western world. In fact I personally believe its very likely that the shawl as a garment originated in…

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Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses – Review

I thought this could be helpful to some of my followers. Thanks Ever The Crafter for the helpful review 🙂

Ever The Crafter

I don’t think anyone would argue that looking at screens all day isn’t so good for our eyes. For me this is amplified by my illness. Bright lights are difficult for me and within about ten minutes of looking at my phone screen (on the lowest brightness setting) I start to get a headache. Last year whenever I went on my phone I would wear a pair of sunglasses which meant I could go on my phone for about an hour or so before a headache started building.

Well a few weeks ago this happened :

Photo 11-01-2018, 2 38 18 pm

I may have left the glasses on my bed and then leaned on them. They snapped and I was irrationally heartbroken about it. (I get very attached to my things, okay?) especially considering I had about three other pairs of sunglasses lying around but they weren’t the right pair!

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There Is No More Shame In Having Mental Illness Than Having Tonsilltis

Fighting for a Future


The problem we have with talking about mental health is that we still don’t think of it as an equal priority with physical health. This is wrong not simply because it leads to less money being spent on mental health service provision by governments, but also because it fails to see that the whole idea of mental health shouldn’t be an isolated one.

As a species, we love to divide things up. We draw a straight line in a map between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans while the water remains oblivious. We also draw a line between the mental and physical and base our entire system of healthcare on that false division.

Once upon a time, the medical world detailed the makings of the human body by saying there were four distinct humours. Every single health complaint could be explained as an excess or deficiency of one of four distinct…

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The Autistic Brain is a Different Kind of Network

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An Intense World

Scientific American has a blog post covering recent understandings about autism. The author points out that

Studies have found that long-range connections between different brain regions are weaker in people with ASD. Complex behaviors such social interaction and language depend on the precise coordination of distant brain regions. Some studies have found that people with ASD have enhanced short-range neural connections, which might explain why ASD can be associated with exceptional skills in specific domains, such as visual memory.

This would also go a long way to explain why concept-formation is slower and more bottom-up. If concept-formation requires connections among widely-separated areas of the brain, a strongly connected brain would make them more quickly, while a less connected brain would take longer. Processing would also take longer. But note that the short-range connections are stronger, which suggests why it is that the slower-processing autistic brain is also often a specialized…

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