The Life Half Lived

I’m reblogging this post by Susanne as it’s one of the posts I’ve read recently that I very much identify with. I mentioned in my previous post how I have difficulty describing my own feelings or situation and that I’ve found other bloggers on the spectrum or with sensory difficulties that write so clearly that I wish to share their posts. Thanks Susanne 🙂

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Sculpture park

What is bothering me the most right now is the feeling that so far my life has only been half lived, I haven’t lived life to the fullest, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much.

There is this dream image of life that I hold, it’s filled with interesting people doing interesting things, travelling being one of them… and I feel like I’m failing, I’m unfulfilled and frustrated and I don’t seem to be able to go for those things and make them happen.

I keep hearing that life is what you make it, and I know life is what you make it, but I don’t seem to be able to do it and I don’t know why? I just feel too timid and mouse-like. I daren’t take the risks, I get overwhelmed too easily and run away back into my cocoon, into my fantasy world.

I’m all…

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Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

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