Is this contempt of art I’m experiencing actually artists’ block?

Thank you to the kind commenters of my last post and to the ‘likes’ the post has attracted. I feel less alone in this isolation I have myself created. Yes, I probably will start drawing again. I guess at the moment there is no valid reason to put pencil to paper. I know you don’t have to have a reason. At the moment it feels like there is no point to drawing if there isn’t to be an audience to view it. I don’t think I can handle exhibiting anymore unless a gallery were to take me on. That’s not likely to happen because I don’t promote myself! The phrase ‘own worst enemy’ comes to mind.

I will post more artwork on here from time to time if you, dear followers, will be my audience.


Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

4 thoughts on “Is this contempt of art I’m experiencing actually artists’ block?”

  1. Since you were so kind to follow my blog and share my post I just had to see who this special person is. You have a beautiful blog full of expression not only in your words but through the gift of your art. I have often wished I could draw or paint the pictures of things I have in my head, but that’s not my gift. So instead I try to paint a picture with my words so you the reader can see it right along with me. Sometimes the words don’t come or can’t find a way out so I write for 10 minutes maybe more, fast not stopping to think about how or what I’m writing about. I just let what’s in my head come out. Then I go back and read it. I find it surprising the things that come out and insight I get, and sometimes I just feel lighter freer to move on because I’ve gotten all the clutter out. I wonder if it can work the same for an artist when they get
    art-block? Maybe if you put your pencil to the paper and just let it move and flow with all of your feelings and emotions somewhere inside it you’ll find the picture waiting to be born.
    Peace and blessings

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