Handspun goodies


I promised pictures of my latest handspun yarn in my previous post and here they are below this text. I’ve just addedΒ  the total number of metres of plied yarn completed in the last eleven days… 2032.60 ! That’s 4064+ metres of singles…. over 2.5 miles. Wowsers!







Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

22 thoughts on “Handspun goodies”

    1. Thank you. I’m not sure that I’m fast but I have devoted a lot of time to it just lately. I know the spinning frenzy won’t last very long so I’ve wanted to get as much spun as I can. I’ve been trying to spin more slowly and increase the amount of twist so that I can weave with my yarn πŸ™‚

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