When media stops being social. Pt. I

I posted a few days ago about my difficulties with Facebook; well, I just discovered this blog post and thought you would appreciate it too…

hannah brencher.

When Instagram stories first popped up on my radar, I thought to myself: I am not getting involved with this. This is just another form of media that will suck away my time and attention span. I am going to resist.
I resisted for about two months before I was right, up in the front, consuming and producing stories for my Instagram followers. Suddenly, everything became important. Making soup became important and worthy of documenting. Going for walks with my husband became important and worthy of documenting. Little things– things that used to be simple and all my own– became packaged and delivered out into the world. My life was ready to be consumed.
We’ve seen the good, the negative, and the somewhat weird effects because of that delivery. We’ve been in public places where people come up to us and classify us as “couple goals.” We get…

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Autism: Ear muffs And Grocery Stores

Noise cancelling headphones help me access public spaces but as I’ve mentioned before, not all reactions from others are positive…

Autie Angel

I’ve started wearing my ear muffs in public. Most people are gracious and curious. It’s lovely to be received in this way. At the store yesterday a group of adults laughed at me. I moved out of their way and they looked at me and all laughed as a group. I wish I could say I remember the kind people the most. But I don’t.

Going to the grocery store has always made my heart race. I get nauseas at the check out. I get overwhelmed and I can’t make words come out right when I’m asking for help.

People in line behind me glare and their frustration at how slow I am makes me stumble even more.

I’ve heard, “are you fucking kidding me?” I’ve seen people get out of line in frustration and sigh, and slam things on the counter.

I have audio processing and visual processing difficulty…

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A Guide To: Meltdowns

Thanks to Emma for writing this attached blog post. I mostly shutdown or implode.

Organised Chaos

Meltdowns are a huge part of life as an autistic person. They are often misunderstood, misinterpreted and cited as reasons that autistic people need curing or are childish. In reality, with the right understanding, meltdowns can be understood, remedied and even prevented. All you need is a comprehensive idea of what’s happening, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve got that. To achieve this knowledge, you need to look at a few things: what a meltdown actually is, the causes and triggers to aid future prevention, what can happen during a meltdown and finally, how to cope in the moment.

What a meltdown actually is (and what it isn’t)

I want to say meltdown is a response that autistic people have to a particularly distressing or overwhelming situations, but it feels like a huge oversimplification. During research for this post, I came across a definition that made so much…

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Colour, a positive sensory experience

I love colour.

I have just come from the Wool Warehouse online shop where I’ve just been staring at pages of colourful yarns. I’m attracted to blogs and web pages where they are full of colour. I once had a fixation on the Accessorize shop and I would make special trips up to Cribbs Causeway (a shopping mall in Bristol) to stare at their merchandise! That was back in the 90’s. I still have a bag and a scarf that I use that I bought at that time.


Today we went up on to Exmoor just so that I could stare at the heather.



I want to jump into colour; to absorb it into my very being.

Think Mexican, Guatemalan, Gudrun Sjoden, Cath Kidston, mardi gra, fiesta, … Such glorious colour.

In my garden I’m happy for colours to be riotous, to clash.

Colour makes me happy. It inspires.. It feeds my soul.

I can’t take fluorescent though, that hurts.

Both neuro-typicals and neuro-diverse people can adore colour and talk about getting a colour fix. But I wonder if there is a difference. Are Neuro-typicals as obsessive about it. What do you think?