The day the world began to shrink.

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Ordinary Hopes

Three years ago today is when my son’s world started to shrink.

It is also the day that Bristol Children’s Hospital saved his life.

His spine was badly curved and crushing his internal organs. His ribcage on his left side was tucked inside his hip bone and he was struggling to eat or drink. Without the operation to insert spinal rods he probably only had one more year of life and it would have been a horrible way to die, crushed from the inside.

Adam has always been disabled.
He has always been a full time wheelchair user.
He has always needed assistance.
But he always had a great life.

Saving his life and improving his health should only have increased that greatness?

Why would it shrink?

My little 8 year old boy had weighed only 14 kilos. We had hoists at home but I could still carry him everywhere. He rode his bike, he…

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I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

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