Honest Flower|گل راستی

Laleh Chini retells beautiful stories that were told to her by her mother when she was a child. I really enjoy reading the stories and thought I would introduce you to them…

A Voice from Iran

The greatest moments of my childhood was all the beautiful fairy tales that my mother told us as we fell asleep. All the stories that I share in my blog are those memorable tales with important morals.


Once upon a time there was a young prince who wanted to get married. He knew that every girl would marry him for his name and power, but he wanted to find true love. He invited all the young girls in his kingdom whether they were poor or rich, famous or unknown.


One of the young girls invited was the daughter of the palace’s gardener. She saw the prince every day from a distance and loved him secretly like all the other girls in his kingdom.


At the day of the prince’s party, he handed one seed to each girl and announced that he would wed the girl that could develop the most…

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Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

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