Autistic Body Language and Emotion

This is brilliant! From reading this I realise I am similar. When no one else is around my movement and vocal behaviour changes, it becomes more silly – but silly in a playful sense. I’ll kind of dance around the house and make up songs using made up words. Not every time I’m alone but often. I had never thought about this as unmasking.


I’ve written some about this topic before, regarding the joy I feel when I see other Autistic people moving in Autistic ways, but today I want to write about how my own movement affects and reflects my emotions. I get a little sweary at the very end when talking about getting rid of the allistic (non-autistic) mask.


I am attempting to reclaim my own movement, trying to elicit decades’-old kinesthetic memory from my body.

How did I move as a child? How did I experience and express my feelings before I learned to primarily move the way other people do?

Feelings weren’t a big thing in my childhood house. Logic was prioritized over feelings, always. With Spock and Data as my childhood idols because they didn’t fit in with human society any better than I did, the anti-emotion message from my parents was only reinforced.

But then came my…

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Why I Dislike the ISA and Why I Think it has Failed


International symbol of access

I hate the International Symbol of Access (ISA). That symbol that is intended to indicate spaces built to accommodate disabled people. It has however fundamentally failed to promote the accessibility that it meant to signify. If anything it has fostered misunderstandings both outside of and within the disability community. The symbol is tellingly often referred to as “The Wheelchair Symbol” and that is unfortunately what far too many people–disabled people included–seem to think it refers to, wheelchair users.

The ISA was and is intended to be generic in reference. It is supposed to be a symbol of access for disabled people. It is not supposed to prioritize or define which needs are accommodated. It is as much for me, an ambulatory part-time mobility aid (a bioness L300 or an AFO) using person or any other embodiment of disability as it is for wheelchair users. Unfortunately, people often look at that image…

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And a Meltdown in a Pear Tree

Lol, certainly made me smile…

Stim the Line

Merry Christmas Everyone! Or for anyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukah,  late Solstice, early Kwanza, and a Very Happy December 25th!

I think no matter what you celebrate, The 12 Days of Christmas carol is probably something that you’ve heard. The math has been done, and to purchase all 12 days of gifts would cost you almost $35,000!

I’ve replace the drummers, pipers, lords and ladies, the maids, the swans, and the geese, the gold rings, the calling birds, French hens, turtle doves, and the partridge with things that are a little more relatable!

So I present to you-

The Twelve Days of Autism 

On the First day of Christmas, Autism gave to me, A meltdown in a pear tree

On the Second day of Christmas, Autism gave to me, two info-dumps, and a meltdown in a pear tree

On the Third day of Christmas, Autism gave to…

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Christmas wishes

Dear followers,

I wish you all the the kind of Christmas day you personally need.

LH and I are having a quiet day at home and sharing part of the day with an elderly family member.

For me Christmas is first and foremost the birthday of Jesus. I don’t have children at home to sing happy birthday to Jesus when the Christmas cake candles are lit but those memories are in my heart.  Through faith Jesus remains with me constantly; I have so much to be grateful for.

I pray this over Christians everywhere…

“May God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give to all brothers and sisters peace and love with faith. May God’s grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying love”.

(Ephesians 6: v 23 – 24)

Dunster at twilight

Lovely Husband (LH) and I walked around Dunster Castle grounds and Dunster village late yesterday afternoon as it was getting dark. I used my phone to capture the following pictures which are by no means brilliant but still give a flavour of what it is like.




It’s Time To Call It

For all the Christmas 🎄 crafters out there this will make you smile…

On the Needles

You’ve fought a tough battle.  You’ve spent your winter (and probably a good chunk of your fall) working on your Christmas knitting.  It’s now time to rest.

If you’re an amazing go-getter, maybe you’re already done. You can wrap up your gifts, pour yourself a nice glass of eggnog and take a nice Christmas nap, knowing that you’ve completed everything you need to do.

If you’re a human being, you’ve probably got a pile or two of half-finished projects still hanging around.In that case, I’ve got a little poem for you to use on Monday morning, explaining what’s happened.

An Apology

Rudolph has his reindeer

And Santa has his elves.

There’s only one of me, alas

Just knitting by myself.

I tried to get everything done

And bind off all my rows,

But Christmas comes just when it comes

And that’s my source of woe.

I haven’t finished up…

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A timely gift…the reverberation of kindness

I received kindness this morning. It came all the way from my blogging friend in Ireland, Kat. You can find Kat here at Cats and Threads .

The story… I wrote a post a while back about a dishcloth I made with a yarn I found I disliked when I started using it. Kat showed an interest in the yarn so it seemed the perfect answer was to send her the yarn with a Christmas card. Kat, forgetting it was arriving had a lovely surprise as it arrived on a day that such a gift was needed.

I’m sure you have had such a thing happen to you on ‘one of those days’.

And so it was for me today. This morning I was still cloaked in the sadness of last night. Such things linger with me. Your lovely comments did help, thank you 🙂   I prayed about it. I keep my faith so close to me that I forget to share it.

When Kat asked for my address I thought it would be to send a thank you. The post arrived…


…bringing sunshine and kindness to my heart ❤💛💜

Thank you so much dear Kat. I shall save the Christmassy dishcloth to use on Christmas day and the beautiful crocheted snowflake is about to be put on our driftwood tree.

We do acts of kindness without even thinking of it as such much of the time.

A kindness doesn’t stay as one single little act. A kindness grows in someone’s heart like ripples when a pebble is thrown into water.

I’m grateful and my sadness has dissipated. God bless.