When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant

Finding Hope

I’ve seen a lot of people make sense of their mental health issues or their Autism or their whatever by saying that it’s given them a superpower: sensitivity to emotions, intense focus, and so on. Despite my love for all things superhero, this has always irritated me and I never really understood why until I talked to my Mum about it. The words just came out and it clicked into place.

For me, it’s too simplistic a concept. At this point in time, I only feel disadvantaged – deprived – by my Autism especially. I’m told I won’t feel like this forever – I know that lots of people feel like it does add something to their lives – but right now, it takes away from my life more than it adds. So it really doesn’t feel like a superpower. If anything, it feels like I’ve suddenly got a superpower…

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Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

3 thoughts on “When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant”

  1. That is so well said and something I’ve been thinking too about depression and chronic illness. Personally I just don’t agree with this idea that it’s worth it as it gives us compassion/ empathy/ makes us better. No thank you, to me the costs are usually to high. Plus I really believe that most of us would manage to be good people without that added baggage!
    Although if thinking this way makes it easier for someone, then good for them!

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