UFO Confession time πŸ˜†

Bekki over at Dartmoor Yarn CompanyΒ blog confessed to some ufo’s (unfinished objects) in a recent blog post and I foolishly commented that I had one from the 1980’s …Well, you can guess what was said next…!

I do keep my promises, so here we are ready to ‘fess up.

I can’t quite remember when in the eighties it was but probably the middle when my daughter was still little. I had already made her a grandma doll and a matching dress for my daughter for her second Christmas. She loved it and I actually still have it…


She’s a bit tatty and needs her face sponged.

Anyway, better get on with showing the confessional UFO… The pattern…


As far as I got…


Cute face huh?

I doubt I’ll finish it now but I can’t throw that face away. I was so careful with all that stitching. Any suggestions?


Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

26 thoughts on “UFO Confession time πŸ˜†”

  1. Oh, but you need to finish her just to prove you can. Think how good it will feel. And that little face is adorable. The stitching is perfect.
    I’ll have to look around, I’m sure I have something unfinished from the 80s too. I actually have an unfinished doll from the 60s or 70s that my grandmother started. I think she ran out of granddaughters and nieces to give them to. I do have one of the completed dolls.
    Now I remember I have something from 1976, when my first nephew was born. It’s a set of nursery rhyme panels I was embroidering to make into a quilt. I found it and worked on it some more last year but it’s still unfinished. There are so many nieces and nephews now I’ve decided to turn it into a book. Maybe third time’s a charm and the next time I pick it up I’ll finish.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Lovely dolls face. It’s great that you still have the grandma doll. You could finish the doll’s body and change its look so that it reflects where you are now. That way you would not be going back but moving forward.

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  3. Dolls are so cute and your embroidery is lovely. I would try to finish it too. I like the idea someone shared to take a little time each week. I actually dug out a needlepoint piece that only needs a little to finish. It is dated 1979. I have been taking it with me to guild and slowly but surely it’s getting done.

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