What’s So Good About Friday?

Black Thoughts

What’s so good about Friday?

What’s so good about life?

What’s so good about lying, hatred, violence and strife?

What’s so good about suffering?

What’s so good about greed?

Never learning our lessons

Never realising our needs

What’s so good about trying?

What’s so good about loss?

What’s so good about Jesus?

Beaten and nailed to a Cross?

Well he’s the reason I’m still here

Trying my best to survive

He’s the reason my family

Every day flourish and thrive

That’s what’s good about Friday

That’s why he took the pain

That’s why he endured nails and a sword

Piercing his skin like a flame

So next time you moan on a Friday

Or mutter or mumble or mope

Think back to that darkest of all days

And thank Him for giving us hope.

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Welcoming Accessibility

This! This would make it so much easier to go out into the world…

Autism and Expectations

I am aware of my autism. Sounds are grating, they twang through my ears like over-extended elastic bands, and I wait for them to snap and hit me.

I have things to plan, and I am putting off planning them so that I don’t miss out on what is actually happening now. I don’t want to spend my time in a continuous cycle of minute detail, data analysis, and variable controlling, instead of living.

People are aware of my autism, I have had two such examples of adjustments given to me in the past week. Both were thorough and thoughtful and considered, one was unsought.

Can you guess which weighed less heavily upon me? There is something about listing your deficits to strangers, that is unsurprisingly horrible.

I hate having to say that I find things hard, I hate having to point out what I need to make things easier…

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Snowman and snow art / Muñeco de nieve y arte de nieve / Bonhomme de neige et art de neige / Boneco de neve e arte de neve

Travels in Finland and abroad

In English:

Snowman and snow art

My photos (not from this year) are from the town called Kemi. The distance from Helsinki is 711km / 442mi. By car it takes about 8 hours, by train nearly in 7 hours and by air 1 and half an hour. Kemi, situated by the Bothnian Bay, this small town having population about 22000. Every winter this town presents World’s Biggest Snow Castle. When visiting the Castle, I shot photos from the town also.

En español:

Muñeco de nieve y arte de nieve

Mis fotos (no de este año) son de la ciudad llamada Kemi. La distancia desde Helsinki es de 711 km / 442 millas. En carroel trayecto dura alrededor de 8 horas, en tren casi en 7 horas y por avión una hora y media. Kemi, este pueblecito que tiene la población unos 22000 habitantes situado junto a la Bahía de Botnia…

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The teacher vs the soldier

Fire Bright Star Soul

In my post the other day about the woman who claimed she had been delivered by god from autism.. one of my new followers said “if only we had a group for recovering from stupid people” – well – voila… ask and ye shall receive – I made a snarky little group called Stupid People Recovery Group, because you can’t fix stupid.
It was a good little joke, and I added some people, including this new member, whom I will not name. I will say though she is the mom of an autistic boy, and just recently diagnosed herself. Before that she had only been familiar with the world of Autism “officially” from her niece or nephew (I can’t remember, sorry).
She supported her family and did the “light it up blue” because that was what she had been told for 20+ years. Again, thanks to the insidious…

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Sunday update

The sun is shining here in the land of The Sumner People. Makes a nice change.

Here’s a blanket update. There’s an addition of eight rows to each blanket since I last posted. This is part of the CAL hosted by Eleonora over at Coastal Crochet blog.



I hooked up this mandala yesterday. It needs a light steam but at least the ends are all tucked away…


And the biggest socks I’ve made thus far ~ UK size 12.


And this…


Another stashbusting blanket! A long wave stitched pattern using more typical Tracey colours.

I’m wondering what to do with this. Measures about 8″ × 18″ I made it years ago with no particular thing in mind. I’ve just washed it. It’s using handspun and commercial yarn.


It followed on from creating this which is also a mix of handspun and commercial yarn. I haven’t worn it for ages as the bat wing sleeves are annoying…


I guess I made it about 16 years ago.


I trapped the cuff in the door so that you can see the amount of fabric that hangs below the arm. The jumper contains a lot of handspun that is also hand dyed. I need to do something with but haven’t figured what yet.

So much to consider while I keep on stitching.

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last craft update post. Your love and kindness greatly encouraged me. I’ve re started my faith journaling and finding that really helpful.

I certainly have lots to do to keep me busy 😆

Thanks for visiting me here in my little craft sanctuary  😃 TTFN ❤





‘Are we speaking the same language?’ – Why Autistic communication isn’t ‘wrong’


Apparently I get communication ‘wrong’ sometimes when interacting with neurotypical people. They tell me I am coming across in a way which is upsetting for them or confusing or a range of other things. However when I think about my intentions from the same conversations I am aware what the other person received was a long way off what I was intending to convey. This always leaves my doubting myself and feeling bad. In fact it shouldn’t. I expressed what I wanted to clearly but between Autistic me and the neurotypical person I was speaking with, the message somehow got lost in translation. I didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ and neither did they. It is just that we communicate differently. Autistic communication tends to not be understood as such. Instead we are viewed as if we were neurotypical people communicating really poorly.

This lack of understanding communication can result in discrimination…

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Chair which knits a hat

I think some of you may like this 🙂

Seaford Spinners and Weavers

Christine shared a video from Buzzfeed which was on Facebook and you can view it here if you are on Facebook. It explains how this rocking chair which knits a hat was designed by the University of Art and Design in Lausanne.  What a great project. We are showing you the YouTube video which shows you the chair but doesn’t give you the inside information. How nice it would be to have a rocking chair like that!

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