Blue Sky Days 365

I am alone but not alone
my eyes see no one
my ears, aware only
of birdsong
through my open window
yet voices speak within, their words
a jumble of sound

I am alone but not alone
as people walk by
absorbed in activity
their faces animated
talking, alive
mothers, daughters, fathers, sons
longing for belonging

I am alone but not alone
family, friends, acquaintances
they say they care
they say they’re there
compassion and empathy
willingly given, yet
lacking understanding

I am alone but not alone
in social situations, my body
there, yet my mind
emotionally distant
engagement minimal
awkward conversation
stilted, I fall quiet

I am alone but not alone
remain inside my walls
a physical barrier
like the walls
in my mind
keeping me safe, keeping you out
only my thoughts for company

KH 13.02.2018

Image: Solitude and the Sea, a theme by Jacques Bodin

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Crafty update

It’s been lovely to be cosy inside our cottage crafting while it’s been like this outside…


Latest pair of socks hot off the needles…


Our grandchildren are delighted with their jumpers…


How many masks can you wear all at the same time? Young Master counted seven!

The current progress of the Coastal stashbusting blanket CAL…


All thanks to  Eleonora . If you love daffodils go check out Eleonora’s here , aren’t they beautiful?  I love the way she has photographed them 💛💛

There’s other crafty happenings on the bobbins, hooks and needles but they can wait for another time 🙂

Bye for now 🌹🌻🌼❤🐤💐



‘Just keep away from them’ – Saying ‘NO’ to victim-blaming


I give a lot of presentations about autism and resilience. Right after the slide about what resilience is, I always add one about what resilience is NOT. There is a reason for this. One of the first presentations I gave about autism and resilience was at a large conference in Queensland a few years ago. Many of the attendees were parents of autistic kids. My resilience talk was in the big theatre and I was on quite a high stage. The whole way through my talk I noticed a woman in the second row on my right. I could tell she wanted to ask a question. I expected her to interject – she clearly had something important to say. As soon as I finished speaking and it was time for questions her hand went straight up. I gestured to her to speak and told me she had enjoyed my presentation…

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Autistic Moments: Aversions and Sensitivities

Some Girl with a Braid

I recently read an article about a mom physically tackling and fighting her autistic child to force them to confront one of their sensitivities/aversions. She calls her child a burden, and laments his ‘tantrums’, apparently ignorant of what sensory overload induced meltdowns are about. I don’t want to give her credit and views by linking her, but it was an article published by the Washington Post, presented as a positive thing despite her admitting doctors consider her actions dangerous. I wanted to address a particular phrase. She describes her child’s aversions as ‘autistic phobias’. I can’t begin to express my dislike of this phrase. Aversions and sensitivities are not ‘phobias’. They can cause legitimate pain. I have a phobia of spiders. I have an aversion to seafood. I know the difference.

I’ve been wanting to do a piece about sensory sensitivity and aversions for a while now, I just wasn’t…

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