Junk journal notebook

How can you explain in a text message what a junk journal is using as few characters as possible because the text was to travel from the to UK to NZ?! My answer was to say I’ll make a small one for you mum 🙂 😆

I had just finished making my first one and it was very well received by my dear friend whose birthday it was for. I started the notebook sized one immediately but thinking about the process a little more carefully. I made the cover first and my sewing machine was most disgruntled sewing through paper and card and decided to go into a huff and missed lots of stitches. I decided not to worry about it and carried on. Having completed the cover I started gathering recycled paper together for a tea dyeing session. These were baked dry and ironed. Other papers were assembled and mingled in with the tea dyed pages. There are 23 leaves creating 46 pages which were sewn to the cover as a single signature. Next came the decoration and addition of ephemera.

I really enjoyed making both the journals. I’m only showing images of a few pages and the cover of the second junk notebook. It’s secured with a length of lace tied around the cover and finished with a simple bow…




Inside the front cover (above).

This last week I’ve also made these for future junk journals…


And these clusters below made out of scraps…


Unsurprisingly, I’m a bit behind with my Coastal stashbusting blanket CAL 😆

I have loved making these junk journals and have several ideas for some more. I can’t wait to make one for myself 🙂

A note about the dyeing… I had coffee dyed a batch of paper for the first junk journal but I really didn’t like the subsequent smell. I don’t usually mind the smell of coffee. So the second time I used tea. It didn’t produce such a strong stain. I used old tea bags that were used, left to dry out and then stored. For the dye bath I poured hot water over the bags and let them soak for an hour before using.  I will try making the bath stronger next time. Most of the bags were earl grey so the paper has a more pleasant smell 😃

My faith journaling is going very well and I shall have to compile a new one of those soon also. I use rings to bind these so that I can add stuff in. It’s amazing how fast it has filled up. In it I write personal prayers and answers to prayer, scripture and any thoughts I have about it, plus I use it as a time to listen to what God has to say to me and I write what I believe he is saying into my journal.

It’s a while since I wrote a post…I can can’t remember if there’s anything else I’m meant to add…??

Thank you for visiting me 😘❤💛💜💚💙😁


What Mobiloo means…

Ordinary Hopes

It is a great product, run by a great team.

But , in reality, it is JUST A TOILET!

This is what it really means…

Adam smiling widely as he zooms down a zipwire. Beautiful open green spaces, fields and trees surrond him.

And this….

Adam riding on a pony carriage, pulled by a beautiful black and white pony. They are in the sea with the waves lapping gently around them. It is a beautiful day with bright blue sky.

Spending time with your favourite animal at the zoo…

Mastering a new skill…

Learning about edible plants from forager Matt Vernon

Child sat in an all terrain wheelchair looking intently at a man holdinga plant a basket of foraged goodies.

Fun times at the beach…

Child using an all terrain wheelchair, at the beach, getting closer to the see. He is waving his arms and looking excited.

Enjoying a go kart ride with your bestie…

Adam and his big brother sat in a Go Kart.

Eating out with Daddy…

Adam and Daddy eating lunch outdoors. Both are posing with open mouths and forks of food. Adam has penne pasta with garlic bread. Daddy has bangers and mash.


Adam in his blue powered wheelchair. Photo taken from behind as he heads off on his own.


Adam with his PA and instructor from BF Adventure. They are using two canoes joined together by three wooden bars to add stability. Adam is wearing a red life jacket and sat on a big comfy yellow seat for support. It is a grey day and everyone is dressed warmly.

Learning about animals…


Exploring National Trust properties…

Adam is wearing a pokemon top andusing his powered wheelchair. He is sat in the garden area of Lanhydrock House, with the coach house behind him.

And enjoying wild rides…

Adam and his PA are smiling widely as the go round and round on a swinging chair ride at Camel Creek park. It was a wet day and there is a huge pool of water on the ground.

All of these pictures show why Mobiloo matters. Because NONE of these days out would have been possible without hiring it.

Mobiloo isn’t a business which runs for profit. (Sometimes I doubt they break even.)

Which brings me to the fuzzy warm bit…

When they learn that a place which has been a regular booking for them is going to install a permanent Changing Places toilet, they are delighted! 😁


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Get networked in! Autism and systemic ableism in the arts.

The other side

fullsizeoutput_4ba8 Mrs Pepperpot to the Rescue

My name is Sonia Boué and I’m an autistic artist. I’ve had a lot of luck in my career lately –  which has largely come about using my own autistic methods and working with two truly wonderful mentors. On the face of it I look pretty networked in, but most of my opportunities have come from sharing my work and ideas online. At the end of each project I have to start from scratch, and I have no idea how to ‘use my contacts’ or network neurotypically. The sheer scale of the social labour involved in networking neurotypically is beyond me.  This is why I have created a new kind of network called WEBworks, which is autistic in conception and in all it’s various manifestations. It’s for autistic artists and has a focus on professional development and creating access to opportunity. It’s a small pilot…

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Latest junk journal made from a paper bag

For those of you who like making journals from scrap paper. Enjoy 🙂

Willowbound Journals

This is my latest personal junk journal. I was inspired to make it when I saw a fellow journaler create one to record her journaling ideas and happy mail.

I’m going to use mine to record the journals I make, inspiration, people to send happy mail to, craft items to buy, etc.

I started by going through my craft supplies and gathering anything blue or vintage.

I made this journal out of a paper bag, also inspired by a fellow journaler who made such a beautiful journal.

Who knew a paper bag could turn into something so amazing.

I decorated the cover with some journal cards I got from happy mail and I love that I can store the leftover ones in the opening of the bag on the cover.

I included scrapbook paper, papers I got from happy mail, note paper, and other random papers.

The aim was to…

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Am I disabled?

Autistic and Cheerful

Sounds like an easy question, doesn’t it? I mean, it should be obvious, right?

Let me tell you a bit about myself; I am married, I have two children. I can go out alone, I can drive. I can do a lot of things independently. I am fit and healthy. I run, I do weights, I walk my dog. I look after my kids. All this takes tremendous effort, but I manage. My daily planner helps me remember what chores need doing and what appointments I have to go to and that I need to take my vitamins and whether it’s arms or legs day.

I haven’t been that successful in employment. I’ve been fired from a lot of jobs, and quit many more. The only time I’ve had a permanent, full-time job I got so ill that I had blood tests and all sorts to find out why I…

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