Book covers for junk journals


I’ve spent my morning creating/recovering two book covers. I carefully removed the contents a couple of days ago and separated the signatures (groups of pages sewn into hardback books) so that they can be used too,  although not necessarily in these books.

Both came from a charity shop sale for 50p each. I’ve removed the spine from the green one and replaced it with a wider, new spine. I love how they are coming along thus far and am quite exited about it 😆❤

I shall decorate the covers a bit once I’ve had a think and a play. Next I will be gathering pages together. I had a big tea dyeing session in the garden yesterday plus I experimented with a watercolour bath using old tubes of paint before they dry up. It did colour those pieces but at the moment only I would notice.

20180504_115832 The one on the right looks black on my screen but it’s actually a lovely green.


The clips are holding paper in places while it dries.


I’m planning to sew two signatures into each book; I don’t think three would fit as I shall add pockets and tuck shops and other ephemera.

This lovely lady (Gayle Agostinelli) has been a great teacher and source of inspiration…


I’ll show you the pages in the next installment 🙂

Thanks for visiting. Bye for now,

Tracey xx ❤


Tree down Art up

The decorations came down today. They went up early due to a visit from the grandchildren very early in December. Kind of sad to take them down but some normalcy is needed. The loom is now back in its normal spot rather than hiding behind the sofa.

So the art work is back on the wall where it lives happily until the Christmas tree 🎄comes out again.


This is graphite and white acrylic on paper. Drawn/painted by me c. 2011. It was a complete break from what I had been doing and came about through working through angst that had started as anxiety because of what I had drawn underneath it.

Ok, so I guess you want to know more now I wrote that!

I had drawn a tree, a Moreton Bay Fig. This particular tree is growing in the Auckland Domain. It’s been there since I was a child. Move on a few years to when I was a young mum to my daughter, then five, and my son, aged two. Friends had collected us and taken us to the Domain. I had just left my first husband and was living in a women’s refuge with my children. My friends kept asking me questions and I ended up having a very public, very loud meltdown. It was horrendous. It was school holidays or a weekend because there were many families there sitting having picnics on the grass. I remember the stares. I was extremely distraught.

And my children witnessed it.

I love trees, especially Moreton Bay Figs so I started to draw one but I was overtaken by anxiety due to aforementioned reason. I threw paint at it, drew into it and became happy with my creation. Happy enough that I can live with it on my wall and don’t think about its past until, like now, I started to write the bit under the image above. (The trees in the image above are no particular species.)

I had no plans to tell you that. It just suddenly came up.

I use to feel embarrassed, humiliated, shameful… etc but I don’t now. I now know I’m autistic and I was pushed much too far at a very stressful and vulnerable point in my life.

Anyway, I’m fine now 🌹🌻🌼❤

Is this contempt of art I’m experiencing actually artists’ block?

Thank you to the kind commenters of my last post and to the ‘likes’ the post has attracted. I feel less alone in this isolation I have myself created. Yes, I probably will start drawing again. I guess at the moment there is no valid reason to put pencil to paper. I know you don’t have to have a reason. At the moment it feels like there is no point to drawing if there isn’t to be an audience to view it. I don’t think I can handle exhibiting anymore unless a gallery were to take me on. That’s not likely to happen because I don’t promote myself! The phrase ‘own worst enemy’ comes to mind.

I will post more artwork on here from time to time if you, dear followers, will be my audience.


The arty side of the spectrum

I don’t know how to refer to my art practice (and is that practice or practise? I never know), sometimes I love it, I’m in awe of it and other times (like now) it confuses me so much I can’t bear thinking about it or about other’s artwork. I don’t want to feel like this. I’m sure it has something to do with executive dysfunction but I don’t know what… yet.

I haven’t made any work since early this year. I created a few drawings that I haven’t documented yet. I will photograph them and put them in another post. Perhaps.

I have made a lovely friend here in blog land and she is encouraging me to write this post about my work. Thank you friend 🙂

I’m hoping that in someway that writing this and putting pictures of my work up will help me move on. But move on from what? It’s such a tangled mess in my head. I haven’t exhibited my work since early 2013. Midway through that same year I got my autism diagnosis and I had a nervous breakdown, (they don’t call it that anymore).

The first batch are previous to 2013. The drawings are all completed with graphite (pencil). I do not like  using charcoal, I find the sensation of it going across paper very unpleasant. The paintings are oil.

Elder and the Tor. 50 x 40 cm

Lasgarn Wood

Mynydd Garn Clochdy. 114 x 88.5 cm


lasgarn x 0025

Two Pears Reflect

Walking Mynydd Garn Clochdy. 78 x 17 cm

Glastonbury Tor

Early Morning. 40 cm sq

Morning Haze. 18.5 x 17 cm

The following are what a nervous breakdown feels like…







Each work has a title but I don’t feel that’s relevant at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by xx