To my knitting followers… You may be interested in checking out Jen’s patterns on Ravelry. I’ve been following Jen’s blog for ages and have found her blog very inspiring as she is a spinner, fibre blender and knitter. Jen and her husband have recently lost their home, possessions and tools of her trade to the wild fires in the North California mountains.
Many of Jen’s followers have been asking how they can help and after much thought Jen suggests supporting her by buying her patterns. I’ve just come back from visiting Jen’s Ravelry store. There is a lovely assortment on offer and you may like to go on over there to take a look.
I’ve bought the ponchita and cowl pattern; I think it will be fab for my handspun yarn 🙂

Jenjoyce Design

The long process of recovering a life even remotely  similar to what was ‘before the fire’ could easily drive one to depression in a blink of an eye. I have discovered that I am very much a person influenced by Things.  Sentimental things are good, craved, needed, and unsentimental things (as furnished rentals) could very much send me over the edge.  Jeff and I are apparently for various reasons not able to just go up and live on our fire-ravaged land in a trailer any time soon,  as was the thought I held on to through the first week of being displaced.  We will have no choice but to weather over this storm, a storm of drastic life-upheaval, in a rented place, and I am going to focus a few months to recover only the very basics of what I had and used every day.

The truth is, I can’t…

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