Selworthy wood & village

It’s a misty, rainy day here in West Somerset. Not the most pleasant for a walk but once we’re out it doesn’t seem so dreary somehow. (I used my phone’s camera so the images aren’t the best.) We headed up into the woods and along and around before the descent down…



The lowest sign indicates the path to Allerford to the right and Selworthy Green to the left. We made for Selworthy Green.


That’s the Periwinkle Tearooms and garden straight ahead.


We didn’t stop there today or walk around the village, we turned left and headed back to the car passing the Nat Trust Shop…



The viewpoint from above the village green…

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Selworthy church commands a great view over Exmoor to the highest point of Dunkery Beacon. But not today!



On a clear day the church stands out like a beacon from many viewpoints on Exmoor.

We are so blessed to live in an area that has so many lovely places to visit.

Bye for now xxx