A yarny update of one FO and current WIP’S

Hello lovely readers,

I thought it time for a yarny update. For the uninitiated FO is Finished Object and WIP is Work In Progress.

I’ve finished spinning this lovely blue merino from John Arbon Textiles. They call it royal blue but I think it closer to cobalt as it has a slight purpleyness about it so I’ve photographed alongside two pieces of Bristol Blue Glass. I have 807+ metres from 200 grams.


Currently on my hook is my grandson’s jumper (not shown) and this cushion cover. I’m using Lucy’s (of Attic 24) Neat Wave Pattern. I’m really enjoying it and love the colours.


And on the wheel I’m spinning this fibre…


And here it is on the bobbins…


So there you have it πŸ™‚ Bye for now xxx

A colourful diversion

I had an appointment with my G.P. this morning that I have been rather anxious about. I knew there was no need to be but hey ho. Oh, I did mention the brain zapping. Hmm… I think she thinks I’m crazy (having never heard of it before). Hey ho times twice.

The diversion… The arrival of this feast of colour put a smile back on my face. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought fibre online and I’m so impressed. ThanksΒ World of Wool.


The photo doesn’t do the colours justice. The yellow isn’t fluorescent! Here are three close ups…

Such yummyness! Such excitement! Top left ‘Aquarius’, top right ‘Duckle Daisy’ and bottom is ‘Higglety Pigglety’. Love those names. There’s a roll of Corriedale Pumpkin up in the top image and the rest of the fibre is 500 grams of Botany Lap Waste. This is a surprise as you don’t know what will be in this bag of luscious broken tops.

Just to be clear, World of Wool aren’t paying me to write this. I’m really happy with my order and I want to give this family run business a thumbs up. How I would love to visit their shop up in Yorkshire!

Higglety Pigglety is now twisting its merry way on to my spinning wheel.

A happier and colour full day after all Β πŸ˜ƒ

Colour, a positive sensory experience

I love colour.

I have just come from the Wool Warehouse online shop where I’ve just been staring at pages of colourful yarns. I’m attracted to blogs and web pages where they are full of colour. I once had a fixation on the Accessorize shop and I would make special trips up to Cribbs Causeway (a shopping mall in Bristol) to stare at their merchandise! That was back in the 90’s. I still have a bag and a scarf that I use that I bought at that time.


Today we went up on to Exmoor just so that I could stare at the heather.



I want to jump into colour; to absorb it into my very being.

Think Mexican, Guatemalan, Gudrun Sjoden, Cath Kidston, mardi gra, fiesta, … Such glorious colour.

In my garden I’m happy for colours to be riotous, to clash.

Colour makes me happy. It inspires.. It feeds my soul.

I can’t take fluorescent though, that hurts.

Both neuro-typicals and neuro-diverse people can adore colour and talk about getting a colour fix. But I wonder if there is a difference. Are Neuro-typicals as obsessive about it. What do you think?