UFO Confession time πŸ˜†

Bekki over at Dartmoor Yarn CompanyΒ blog confessed to some ufo’s (unfinished objects) in a recent blog post and I foolishly commented that I had one from the 1980’s …Well, you can guess what was said next…!

I do keep my promises, so here we are ready to ‘fess up.

I can’t quite remember when in the eighties it was but probably the middle when my daughter was still little. I had already made her a grandma doll and a matching dress for my daughter for her second Christmas. She loved it and I actually still have it…


She’s a bit tatty and needs her face sponged.

Anyway, better get on with showing the confessional UFO… The pattern…


As far as I got…


Cute face huh?

I doubt I’ll finish it now but I can’t throw that face away. I was so careful with all that stitching. Any suggestions?