The arty side of the spectrum

I don’t know how to refer to my art practice (and is that practice or practise? I never know), sometimes I love it, I’m in awe of it and other times (like now) it confuses me so much I can’t bear thinking about it or about other’s artwork. I don’t want to feel like this. I’m sure it has something to do with executive dysfunction but I don’t know what… yet.

I haven’t made any work since early this year. I created a few drawings that I haven’t documented yet. I will photograph them and put them in another post. Perhaps.

I have made a lovely friend here in blog land and she is encouraging me to write this post about my work. Thank you friend 🙂

I’m hoping that in someway that writing this and putting pictures of my work up will help me move on. But move on from what? It’s such a tangled mess in my head. I haven’t exhibited my work since early 2013. Midway through that same year I got my autism diagnosis and I had a nervous breakdown, (they don’t call it that anymore).

The first batch are previous to 2013. The drawings are all completed with graphite (pencil). I do not like  using charcoal, I find the sensation of it going across paper very unpleasant. The paintings are oil.

Elder and the Tor. 50 x 40 cm

Lasgarn Wood

Mynydd Garn Clochdy. 114 x 88.5 cm


lasgarn x 0025

Two Pears Reflect

Walking Mynydd Garn Clochdy. 78 x 17 cm

Glastonbury Tor

Early Morning. 40 cm sq

Morning Haze. 18.5 x 17 cm

The following are what a nervous breakdown feels like…







Each work has a title but I don’t feel that’s relevant at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by xx