I wear sunglasses to deal with the noise.

Why hadn’t this occurred to me before now !? Thank you so much for writing this. I also find my perception of noise has increased greatly in the last few years. Wearing sunglasses 😎 more frequently makes so much sense.

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

Wearing sunglasses helps me cope with noise.

And yes, I do mean noise in an auditory sense.

But this doesn’t have anything to do with synaesthesia which, to the extent I’ve analysed myself and my perceptions of the world so far, is not something that I experience.

Over time since my diagnosis, I’ve reflected and reflected and reflected. And I’m now firmly in the camp of supporters for the Social Model of Disability. I’m happy to come down on the side of the fence that says “I am disabled”, but also that “I am predominantly disabled by being in the environment in which I happen to find myself”.

I’m also convinced that a) I’m more disabled now than I used to be, but b) that – mostly – this has nothing intrinsically to do with me physically, or me as an individual.

Why does wearing sunglasses help me cope…

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Autism: Ear muffs And Grocery Stores

Noise cancelling headphones help me access public spaces but as I’ve mentioned before, not all reactions from others are positive…

Autie Angel

I’ve started wearing my ear muffs in public. Most people are gracious and curious. It’s lovely to be received in this way. At the store yesterday a group of adults laughed at me. I moved out of their way and they looked at me and all laughed as a group. I wish I could say I remember the kind people the most. But I don’t.

Going to the grocery store has always made my heart race. I get nauseas at the check out. I get overwhelmed and I can’t make words come out right when I’m asking for help.

People in line behind me glare and their frustration at how slow I am makes me stumble even more.

I’ve heard, “are you fucking kidding me?” I’ve seen people get out of line in frustration and sigh, and slam things on the counter.

I have audio processing and visual processing difficulty…

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