Social Anxiety: “Off the Beaten Track” – Interview with Vincent Mars

This is wonderful as it offers an alternative. I’ve always been in the rigid thought patterns of needing to change my character. Basically I fight who I really am…


“Social anxiety isn’t necessarily an illness, but a peculiar character type.”

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Vincent Mars is a writer from Romania. In his articles, ‘Social Anxiety and What (Not) to Do About It’ and ‘The Benefits of Being an Introvert’, Vincent writes of his past experiences: how he hid from social anxiety, and the change in perception that instead allowed him to view it as a personal strength. This refreshing perspective interested me to know more, including how he came to that realisation, and any advice he would give to others who are experiencing the same.

This interview is conducted as part of a series of articles aiming to enlighten stories as well as strategies related to mental health.

How do you feel about the diagnosis or term ‘social anxiety’?

Social anxiety isn’t necessarily an illness, but a peculiar character type. When it’s so bad that it affects your relationship with other…

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I’ve just read a blog post where the author was writing about bullying and social anxiety. Joel, I believe that is his name (I’ve lost the link), mentions that he experiences it even when out in the car; that he worries about what people will think of him if another car pulls up next to him. Also if his window is down and he’s playing music he will shut it in case he is judged for his choice of music.

The ‘penny dropped…

This is such a revelation to me. I feel so silly admitting to this but I now realize I have had social anxiety since I was about three years old. I thought it was only in the last few months. I’m 57 years old!! I feel silly because I didn’t recognize it as such until a few minutes ago.

I’m sure i clicked on follow so I’ll go search for the link…

Here it is 🙂

This is going to take some working through. I think another post may well come from this.