Today’s endeavours

I have finished one project today and started two more…one on the loom and the other on my hook.

I’ve made a lot of throws since I’ve had my loom but not many scarves, so thinking ahead to the festive season and gifting, methinks scarves are to be the thing.


Here I’m using Stylecraft special dk in claret, copper, tomato, and their new shade, lapis blue, plus Stylecraft alpaca dk in cinnamon and fig. There are a couple of others as well but goodness knows what they are.


This is the weaving that I showed in a previous post. The following image is after it’s come off the loom and been washed and ironed. The gaps have loosened up just how I wanted it. Yay.


The colour is more like this though!


It took a while to edit this so only altered the one photo.

Back to today’s second project…

I crocheted a jumper for my grandson a couple of Christmases ago that he has long grown out of but still wants to wear. He’s asked if I would make him another exactly the same but obviously a bigger size.


I’m using this


in denim blue and apple green. I haven’t crocheted for a while and I’m enjoying getting back into it. Here’s the old jumper on teddy ๐Ÿ™‚

See you later xx


Hi there,

Gosh, two posts in one day!

This afternoon I set the loom up using Stylecraft Special DK in plum and Stylcraft Alpaca DK in orchid. The orchid colour is a lavender pinky colour that doesn’t show up too clearly in the image above. I’ve missed warp spaces evenly across the reed and matching that by inserting spaces in the weft. I’m hoping the weave will loosen up in the spaces when it’s taken off the loom. All going well I maybe able to show you tomorrow.

I called David, co-owner of the Spinning Weal shop in Clevedon who supplied my loom, asking if he can supply a second heddle kit and two reeds… yes, I’m to collect them next week. It will mean I can do more than tabby weaving.

Bye for now xx