It’s not all doom and gloom

I’ve been struggling with having published the last blog post. I teeter between leaving it there or taking it down. Right now my thought is to leave it. It’s party of my journey and you never know, it may help someone. If it does please let me know. I was so relieved when my new bloggy friend Susanne left her comment.

Anyway, at present it’s staying.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. I have friends in the church and outside of it who are so thoughtful. Lovely Husband is a campanologist, a bellringer. They are a very sociable and friendly bunch.  They recently had a social event in one of the member’s homes. I didn’t go as I had someone to meet up with the following day so I was having a quiet day in preparation. Not knowing if I was up to going to the event or not, and unbeknown to us, the hostess had set up some quiet areas for me to retreat to if necessary.

There are another couple in our village who have a regular carol singing party every December. They invite me to go half an hour earlier than everyone else so that I will feel included. I get to have a chat with them, have some wonderful hot, spiced apple drink and nibbles and then able to leave quietly when the noise and movement get too much.

These acts warm my heart so much and make me feel loved and accepted. I thank them for their love and kindness from deep within my heart xxxx