Hi, it’s me again already!

In my previous blog over on Blogger where I wasn’t really being me (it was more like an enforced happy mask) I would get very anxious trying to leave a comment after every post I read. Sometimes it could take up to half an hour to write one or two sentences. In the end I became so disheartened it was easier to give up blogging altogether.

When back in August I returned to my blog, I decided to start afresh over here on WordPress. I made a rule for myself: if i cannot think of something to say immediately after reading a post, I don’t say anything. Sometimes I really want to let the person know I care so I leave a heart if words fail me. Other times I might leave a smiley face or a couple of xx  If I’ve enjoyed and/or been moved by a piece of writing I always click on ‘like’ (even though the word itself often falls short!).

I think this difficulty, where words fail me, is linked to my autism. Maybe it has something to do with executive functioning….?

Please, if you follow me, never agonize over leaving a comment.