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In the late 1990’s I went with a friend to a Spin-in in Wellington, NZ. While there someone gave a small group of us a workshop on how to turn a heel when knitting a sock. Ahem… Last night I cast on my first ever sock! I’m using Drops Fabel in the 340 colourway and this pattern…



I have this shawl on the go as well. I’m using my handspun blend of alpaca/merino/silk that I bought at StitchFest from Fleece Witch  I’m using a pattern recommended by another blogger, (I’m so sorry, I forget who), from Ravelry. The Melodia pattern can be found here.


I’ve just finished spinning the baby alpaca fleece, also from Fleece Witch. It took a long time as it spun so finely. I have 200 grams that has spun into  1339 metres of plied yarn! Wowsers! It looks like a lace weight yarn but I’ve yet to knit a sample. It is super soft, lustrous and absolutely yummy to spin. My plan is to use some of it as a weft in weaving a shawl.


On the wheel I’m now spinning a white merino/nylon mix that I got for a good price from John Arbon .

There’s other creative delights going on or waiting to be completed but they can be for another time.

Thanks for visiting  😚💛💜💚💙


Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

20 thoughts on “Current projects”

  1. Wow! Congratulations on your first sock! It’s also such an awesome thing to knit from a yarn that you have spun yourself. To have it feel so lovely as you handle it makes it super special. I admire you very much for being so multi-craftual.

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    1. I understand, and until I have actually turned the first heel I shall consider myself sock challenged too! I’m awaiting another set of dpn’s as I need five and I currently only have four. LYS doesn’t stock them so I’ve ordered through Amazon and hopefully arriving today 🙂 🎄

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  2. I’m loving the look of all those delicious colours! I’ve just bought enough wool to make 4 pairs of socks and a tank top, mostly in self-striping wool, which after a 40 year break is a temptation too good to resist. Time to start knitting!

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