The stashbusting blankets CAL etc…

I’m been busy hooking away on my blankets today. Here they are…


Remember I showed you this a few days ago that is inspired by Eleonora’s CAL (for my seven year old granddaughter)…


Well, I’ve started another one for my five year old grandson. I’ve just finished the front…


There’s a few other things on the go as well. I’ve nearly finished weaving this…


…and this second sock…


There’s also a couple of other items but they can wait for another day.

I’m really working hard on the stashbusting malarkey. Once the second jumper and the woven throw are completed I have an idea for starting another stashbusting blanket. It seems that I can’t have too many blankets 😆

Bye for now and much love from me 👋 🌼 ❤


Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

63 thoughts on “The stashbusting blankets CAL etc…”

  1. 😆 I agree, it is impossible to have too many blankets or quilts! And those blankets are going to be treasures, you may need a guard dog. On second thought, maybe not, the guard dog would take the blankets for himself!

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  2. Tracey, your projects are amazing, really wonderful and will be cherished. I need to get my loom out but really have no time right now. Your weaving is beautiful.

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    1. Hi, yes it is crochet 🙂 A Crochet ALong (CAL) is where someone writes a regular blog about a crochet project and other blogger’s choose to join in. I crochet quite a lot. I’m happy you enjoy crochet too 🙂


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