Colour, a positive sensory experience

I love colour.

I have just come from the Wool Warehouse online shop where I’ve just been staring at pages of colourful yarns. I’m attracted to blogs and web pages where they are full of colour. I once had a fixation on the Accessorize shop and I would make special trips up to Cribbs Causeway (a shopping mall in Bristol) to stare at their merchandise! That was back in the 90’s. I still have a bag and a scarf that I use that I bought at that time.


Today we went up on to Exmoor just so that I could stare at the heather.



I want to jump into colour; to absorb it into my very being.

Think Mexican, Guatemalan, Gudrun Sjoden, Cath Kidston, mardi gra, fiesta, … Such glorious colour.

In my garden I’m happy for colours to be riotous, to clash.

Colour makes me happy. It inspires.. It feeds my soul.

I can’t take fluorescent though, that hurts.

Both neuro-typicals and neuro-diverse people can adore colour and talk about getting a colour fix. But I wonder if there is a difference. Are Neuro-typicals as obsessive about it. What do you think?


Author: yarnandpencil

I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

11 thoughts on “Colour, a positive sensory experience”

  1. I love color as well. My yarn wall makes me happy just to look st it! Loved your pictures of the heather- how beautiful. When we go camping I love to look at sunsets and try to match colors I see on a sketch pad with colored pencils so that I can possibly reproduce them in yarn for a scarf or table runner.

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    1. I love your yarn wall and I admire your weaving very much πŸ™‚ I sometimes do that with watercolours but more often than not I only have notebook and pen and have to name the colours…not quite the same effect!


  2. I tend to gravitate towards blues & greens & deep purples and more muted tones. Fluorescents give me icky feelings, and most of the time bright oranges & yellows & reds do too, though sometimes I’m in the mood for them. I have an artist friend (neurotypical) who revels in color the way you do. She dyes her hair every month or two; it’s currently Electric Peach, which is very pleasing on her & fits with her bouncy, silly personality. I think Radiolab, a US podcast, did an episode on color – it’s worth looking into!

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    1. I think that if I was the me I am now back when I was young, I think I would have dyed my hair bright colors. I was far too scared to do that then as my life was lived on others expectations. At present I’m going silver naturally; I’m too lazy to touch up roots!
      My living room is aqua based, the kitchen is Cath Kidston like…
      As I get older the colours I wear are changing… But I love love love looking at colour.
      πŸ™‚ πŸ’˜

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  3. Love colour. Colour makes me feel better in many ways. Soothing greens, vibrant reds, cool blues, sunny yellows. The funny thing is I wear a lot of black. It’s a Melbourne thing (fashionistas have to tried stop this obsession to no avail) and an art thing. No distractions (black does not reflect onto artwork) and you never have to worry about clothes matching. But our house is full of colour and I have red or honey blonde streaks in my hair depending on my mood.

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