Lynton and Lynmouth

We have just come back from an outing over the moor. It’s not particularly cold today but it is dull and very windy. I got blown sideways a couple of times.

I’m very tired and a bit overwhelmed and happy to be back home so I haven’t edited the following images in any way so they show the day for what it is. Two or three images are from our last trip to Lyndon and Lynmouth.

Lynmouth nestles down in the river valley whereas Lynton sits on the hill above. There is a cable car that links the two together.

So the following are of Lynmouth…

And these are of Lynton…



The best part of today’s trip was visiting the John Arbon Textiles shop in Lynton. I love this shop! John and Juliet are well known for the quality socks they produce but even more successfully so since the were featured on the BBC Countryfile tv programme two years ago. I’ve mentioned before how I visited their mill a couple of years ago as part of a national open mills weekend. I’m eager to go to the next opening which is to be held over 19 – 20th May this year.

I came away with a bag full of fibre to spin. Yay! I asked if I could take some photos of the shop to share with my blog readers. Again I have not edited the photos but I’m sure it gives a good impression of the treasure to be found there…


I love the red Christmas stockings hanging as part of the Christmas window display. To get a better idea pop on over toΒ here . John and Juliet’s business is a small, ethical and family run.

I’ll post pictures of the fibre I purchased in another post.


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I'm a Christian on the autistic spectrum blogging about life and my art/craft practice.

39 thoughts on “Lynton and Lynmouth”

  1. I haven’t been to Lynton and Lynmouth since we left Devon 20 odd years ago. The yarn shop was not there then – I know I would have remembered it because it looks so lovely! Glad you had a good day out and I look forward to seeing the fleece you bought.

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    1. In not sure where John and Juliet were based twenty years ago but I do know they were at Coldharbour mill in Uffcombe before setting up their mill in South Molton. Aww, I’m so pleased you think the shop looks lovely despite my dim and out of focus photos! That makes me feel better πŸ™‚
      Where were you based (approximately) when you lived in Devon?


      1. We were near Bovey Tracy then near Barnstaple for a while then in the Exeter area for a few years but I haven’t been back for 23 years and much will have changed!

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  2. This took me back, thanks for that.
    When I was able to get about and have holidays, about a century ago it was I think, I visited Lynton & Lynmouth. The first time I had ever seen black & white sheep. The only time actually. So many memories brought back. Cheers. β™₯

    Liked by 1 person

          1. And here’s me, up on a hill on the twelve floor… I thought it would be good up here, but no.
            I’m not having a lot of luck lately am I? Hehehe!
            Hope you all and Bertie are doing alright. TTFNski each. X

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